The Sky’s the Limit for JetAir Support Inc. – Project #2

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Client Profile: JetAir Support Inc. (JetAir) is a service provider to United States airlines, foreign carriers, other repair and overhaul facilities, and turbine engine parts suppliers. The company is located in Miami, Florida where they provide repair service and overhaul of jet engine components. JetAir is an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) certified repair facility. The company employs 21 people.

Situation: After September 11, 2001, the airline industry was loosing business because people were not flying. At the same time, JetAir was outsourcing a procedure to a third party contractor which involved the sprayed application of plasma coatings to “worn-out” components as part of the process to restore them to their original specifications. The spraying equipment was fairly costly and no JetAir employees had been trained to do the spraying. This situation put JetAir at the mercy of a sub contractor, affecting its ability to control and maintain its deliveries as promised. The situation was having many adverse effects on the business and needed to be addressed. Equipment had to be purchased and the work force needed training on this new technology.

Solution: Gil Lugo assisted JetAir in obtaining an EDA (Economic Development Administration) training grant, which offset the cost and allowed its employees to participate in an FAA approved training program. The training included process set-up, equipment use, creating samples for evaluation, machine maintenance, and trouble shooting. Upon completing the training, the employees were certified in the plasma spraying process and are able to offer the plasma spraying service to other companies. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, JetAir was able to enter into the Supply Point database program, a database of companies that supply products and services to DoD and its major contractors.


  • Increased sales by $600,000
  • Lowered costs by $70,000
  • Added new customers
  • Supplies products and services to DoD contractors