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To Protect our Associates and Clients all Courses have been converted to a Distance Learning Format.

Lean Transformation Training

  • Lean Fundamentals Simulation – Hands on simulation designed to introduce the participant to the concepts supporting a Lean Transformation.
  • Value Stream Mapping – Presented to inform the participant of how Value Stream Mapping can be used as a diagnostic tool to visualize an organization’s internal process flow and challenges.
  • Kaizen Training – Participants are taught to use the concepts of Kaizens to eliminate organizational challenges identified in the Value Stream Map.
  • Workplace Organization – This is a specific type of kaizen that focuses on workflow configuration throughout the workplace.
  • 5 +2 S Training – 7S focuses on elimination of clutter in the workplace to create a safer more effective strategically aligned organization.
  • Visual Systems Training – Visual Systems eliminate confusion within the workplace by eliminating the language and cultural barriers.
  • Visual Work Instructions – VWI’s are tools which are used, as part of the Visual System, to assist employees to consistently produce the same work content.
  • Inventory Control Training – Minimize the cost of materials through “right-sizing” inventory.
  • Kanban / Supermarket Systems Training – This is a system used to keep items and subassemblies at the required levels and ready for use.
  • Plant / Facility Layout Training – Trains the client on how to organize their facility in a manner that best supports continuous workflow.
  • Setup Reduction Training – Focuses on reducing non-value-added activities that occur during a changeover to minimize “downtime”.

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