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Various often overlooked State and Federal tax credit and benefit programs and tools can be used to improve organizations by reducing taxes and increasing cash flows. Lean ISO Experts will help you take advantage of these items putting more money in your pocket and giving you a competitive advantage in your industry. Best of all our services pay for themselves many times over.

  • Sales Tax Exemptions assists many companies in getting thousands of dollars refunded to them for sales taxes that they paid when they should have been exempt from paying those taxes.  We can assist in getting your company exempt and therefore qualify for a Retroactive Refund and future exemption of these sales taxes. In addition, the process from application to a refund check can be as short as a few weeks. In tough economic times it becomes important that your company gets all that’s due to it while reducing operating costs into the future. This is FREE MONEY and lower monthly operating expenses just for the asking.
  • Various Export Tax Benefit Programs available to companies that had export activities during the open tax years as well as on a going forward basis. As a retroactive benefit, these programs result in refunds paid to companies by the IRS and state governments   On a going forward basis, these programs result in immediate tax savings.  Either way, these export benefits can add up to significant amounts of current dollars to companies that never knew were available to them. As it applies to these programs, exports are defined as products whose ultimate destination is outside the U.S.  This includes not only direct exports but also “indirect” exports or cases when a company sells products to a company in the U.S. and that company ultimately ships the product outside of the U.S. Because of this, the door is open for more companies unsuspecting companies to obtain export benefits. Although the various export tax benefit programs are available to just about every industry, our experience has shown that a very small percentage of  small to mid-size U.S. companies have taken advantage of all programs offered by the federal and state governments
  • Additional State and Federal Tax Credits and Benefits In addition to export tax benefit programs, Federal and State governments have implemented a very wide array of other programs to help stimulate economic growth.  Also similar to export programs, these programs apply retroactively and going forward. This too will result in allowing companies to increase their cash flows, lower their effective tax rates, and be more competitive in their respective industries.

Because of the large number of programs, they effectively apply to just about any U.S. Organization.

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