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  • User Requirements analysis identifies the system requirements, for each of the users of the proposed system, prior to an MRP / ERP system selection.
  • Gap analyses identify the deficiencies between what the Users need, versus what the System is capable of providing.  This is traditionally performed prior to a system upgrade.
  • Ensure that all processes are defined, and follow Lean Principles as they are linked to the new or existing MRP / ERP system.
  • Use an ERP implementation as an opportunity to define missing documents for your ISO system.  All processes and procedures should be documented to meet ISO requirements, and to be used as a template for connectivity to your MRP / ERP system.  One documentation system supports the other.
  • Develop an Information Stream Map for your MRP / ERP implementation.  This will help all system users, and the management team, to visualize the connects, and possible disconnects, in the use of the MRP / ERP system within your process flow.

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