COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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As Auditors, Management Systems, and Risk Assessment Professionals we need to acknowledge that COVD-19** has entered our world.

We take the environment and success of our classes seriously, we have adjusted our training regimen accordingly. If you are a student scheduled at one of our upcoming classes and you start to show Flu Symptoms we don’t want you to share a virus with your colleagues so: just notify us and we will reschedule you for a later session or transition you to a Distance Course which will allow you to study the materials and complete the evaluations required. Then submit the evaluations to LEAN ISO EXPERTS where we can grade, provide feedback and process your course.

We are aware of the health risk and concerns regarding Coronavirus. We want to provide a safe environment for our faculty and students. So, if you have traveled internationally recently then please do not schedule your class for less than 30 days following your travel.

We also choose active and healthy course locations that allow for outside activity; our classrooms are selected to have positive air pressure so our time together is probably safer than you will face during your normal work experience.

This new virus, like the many strains before it, may be in our world for many months or years to come so we must learn to live with and manage it. Regardless of the panic the news & political media (probably designed to sell news) may instill; we all need to be responsible and realize this may not be just like another Flu. So as the hype wears off we need to get back to work and adjust our HSEQ environments accordingly.

Have you considered that your current HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) Management Systems may not address this sort of challenge? Depending on your systems and work environment, the answer may be NO!

**COVID=19 symptoms are similar to the cold or flu and may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure to the virus.