Provides practical strategies and tools for integrating environmental considerations into Lean methods to eliminate waste, improve quality, improve the work environment for employees and maximize value delivered to the customer while reducing the environmental impacts to capture significant competitive advantage. Products with superior environmental performance can attract new customers.

The process begins with the selection of a specific team that will be chartered with improving a specific process.  The team will develop a problem statement; identify target metrics for the green improvement; brainstorming techniques on how to identify and document green opportunities, and how to convert these opportunities into actionable items.  Lean ISO Experts facilitators assist throughout the actual project to maintain focus on the initial targeted metrics. In addition our facilitators assist in creating strategies to sustain continuous improvement after the Green Kaizen is complete.

Green Stream Mapping is a diagnostic tool to visualize where “Green Waste” occurs and where the organization stands on the Green Continuum.  Through the development of the Green Stream Map, the organization will identify Green Opportunities along their individual Value Streams.  Similar to Lean, organizations need to identify and rectify their Non Value Added Green Challenges.

Green Kaizen is a term derived from the Japanese concept of Continuous Improvement.  As part of a Green Transformation, Kaizen is a tool used, in a team environment, to identify and modify “non-green” processes within an organization’s operations.  The Kaizen team will be empowered to identify green waste, and brainstorm interventions to improve the entire targeted system.

Energy Conservation: Many of the products and processes used every day consume more power than necessary to get the job done.  There are also many products on the market that assist in using less energy.  Lean ISO Experts’ team will identify the major and minor projects that can be implemented to reduce power consumption.  It will also examine alternative sources for energy savings.

Environmental Waste Reductions: Waste reduction is one of the most important environmental issues facing businesses today.  Lean ISO Experts will review waste generation, such as paper, cardboard, food waste, metal, glass, and plastics in facilities and discuss common waste reduction and recycling opportunities that may be used to better manage this portion of the facility’s waste stream.

ISO14001Documentation Creation & Implementation.