FedEx Express

“Thank you for all your patience and for sharing all your experiences.” Sonia Flores Pabon

FedEx Express

“The class was very clear, well prepared and very easy to follow and understand.” Marcos Cifuentes

FHP Manufacturing / Bosch

“Very good content and excellent instructors guided us through the material easily.” Vlademir Sidronio, Special Projects – Compliance Manager

DSS, Inc:

“Content is valuable and relevant. Instructors care and have real world experience.” Justin Ballard, Product Line Manager

Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC:

“Content an simulations were useful back at my work site.” Emanuel R. Easter, Project Manager

Pitney Bowes:

“The instructors conducted the training in a very clear, concise and fun manner, which made the subject much more enjoyable.” Angela Campistrous, Quality Assurance Analyst

Project Innovations, Inc.:

“The course was exactly what I was looking for and I feel fully prepared to pursue a career in consulting and auditing.” Jacqueline Armand, Quality Analyst


“Very well arranged fun course. You made the subject matter relevant and kept us moving.  Learned a lot and will use it often.”  Stan David, Business Development Manager

Oxman Associates International, Inc.:

“I enjoyed this course tremendously! It was comprehensive, interesting, challenging and professionally stimulating. The instructors were excellent A⁺⁺⁺!!!” Laura Oxman, Health, Safety and Sustainability Consultant

Messier-Bugatti-Tracer, LLC:

“Through the training event I anticipated some of the content to be dry in nature; the instructors personal life stories included in every module really kept the attention level peaked. I would highly recommend your company for training and consulting.” David W. Jackson, Director of Quality / Training & Safety

Grupo Montebello, Cali Colombia, Sur América:

“El éxito del curso lo da la excelente metodología que tiene el instructor, activado, concierto y explícito.” Natalia P Builes Quintero, Asistente Dirección Ejecutiva

LATCO SA, Cali Colombia, Sur América:

“El curso fue muy bueno, muy profesional y de gran aporte a mi competencia.” Melenys Hinestroza Moreno, Directora de Calidad

Biomet 3i, LLC:

“I appreciated how easily the material was communicated throughout the course. I felt no stress or intimidation because the content was not overwhelming for the time frame. The instructors were very approachable and made my experience enjoyable and comfortable.” Vanesa M. Fields, Concurrent Engineer

Cross Match Technologies, Inc.:

“Instructors related firsthand experience and examples.” Joe Neuhausel – PE, Director, Operations Engineering

Hialeah Technology Center:

“Great Course!!!.”  Jorge Millan, Executive Director


“Good pace. Instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful. They bring real life examples to the class and are willing to be available throughout the course to answer questions and facilitate learning. Pam Angel, Software Quality Manager

Genzyme Sanofi:

“I felt the trainers were exceedingly knowledgeable and presented the course in a manner that will allow me to retain the course content.”  Will Figaro, Quality Engineer