• Development of complex BOMs (Bill of Materials) from CAD software. Creation of Part Numbering Matrices for manufactured, purchased, and raw material codes, would be used with Smart Numbers with the ability to track from engineering though manufacturing, to marketing, and sales.
  • Creating file structure of CAD systems, foundations of data storage, and Autodesk Vault fundamentals. Creating folder structures for engineering files and data, driven by Part Numbering Matrices, by product category.
  • Design and development of a system of Engineering Change Notice’s (ECN’s) including the correct procedures for implementation. Creating Manufacturing Routers for standardizing process flow, reduced set up time, and improved manufacturing time, to make the products more efficiently with higher quality outcomes.
  • Use the CAD tools and the BOM to produce products more efficiently at lower cost.  Use of these tools to determine the best material selection, and most efficient assembly sequences.
  • Blueprint Reading – This class identifies the information communicated on a blueprint with emphasis on interpreting the part drawing. The following Subjects are covered: Objectives; What Is a Blueprint?; Blueprint Contents; Orthographic Drawing; Blueprint Drawing Views; Auxiliary and Section Views; Types of Section Views; Object and Hidden Lines; Extension, Dimension, and Leader Lines; Center and Break Lines; Cutting Planes and Section Lines; Blueprint Dimensions; Types of Dimensions; Uses of Dimensions; The Title and Change Blocks; Use of Scale; Use of Tolerances.